Dartmouth Weekly Hashtag Project: Show Your Swag


By Susan Lee ’16

When it comes to school spirit, Dartmouth is second to none; we call the Alma Mater Dear Old Dartmouth and boast that we “bleed green.” For our latest weekly hashtag project, Dartmouth’s social media team asked you to show your Big Green spirit in the form of swag, or how you represent Dartmouth every day. Here are some of our favorite posts.

Warm weather traveling requires a hat and a chilly place calls for a sweater. Whichever it is, our alumni seem to favor their gear in green. In order: New York City, Dublin, Montenegro.

As for those staying closer to Hanover, being spirited is more fun with company! We enjoyed these dad-and-daughter pictures: Class of ’89, Class of ’84 and ’17.

We also found members of Dartmouth’s incoming Class of ’18 sharing their new excitement.

And even pets…

We’ll be continuing the Dartmouth Weekly Hashtag Project through our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Look out for a new theme and share your pictures with us.

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