A Dash of Whimsy, With Leftover Stars (The New York Times)


Dusty Stacks of Mom cycles through catchy songs, shifting visuals between Ms. Marney’s posed antics in the warehouse and recursive floods of photographic materials,” writes The New York Times in a story about Dartmouth’s Jodie Mack and her new “musical stop-motion show,” which she’ll perform next week at The JCC in Manhattan as part of the Rooftop Film series. (Sharon Marney is Mack’s mother.)

To create the piece, Mack, an assistant professor of film and media studies and an experimental filmmaker, used images from the business her parents ran when she was growing up. They supplied music retailers and others with posters of celebrities until the rise of the Internet caused the decline of the family business. All the leftover posters and other material were “a bonanza” for Mack, writes the Times.

“There were so many things in there that were available in multiples, so I thought it would be very interesting to go down and shoot and make animations of all of it,” Mack tells the newspaper. “The stuff that I had to work with was the stuff that was left behind, the stuff that didn’t sell out.”

Read the full story, published 7/9/14 by The New York Times.



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