Dartmouth Ranks Among LGBT-Friendly Colleges (LGBTQ Nation)


Dartmouth does well in two new rankings: One for being among the nation’s 50 most LGBT-friendly institutions of higher education, and one for being among the top 10 private four-year colleges with the best six-year and three-year graduation rates in 2012.

Campus Pride ranks Dartmouth among the top 50 most LGBT-friendly colleges and universities, notes the news website LGBTQ Nation. “The listing highlights the positive efforts to improve safety and academic life for LGBT students as well as the top institutions leading the way,” the website reports. (Campus Pride is a national online community and resource network that supports LGBT and ally students on college campuses across the United States.)

“More than ever colleges today want to be viewed as LGBT-friendly and a welcoming place for all students. LGBT students and their safety impact the recruitment efforts of the entire campus,” Campus Pride Executive Director Shane L. Windmeyer tells LGBTQ Nation.

Read the full story, published 8/15/14 by LGBTQ Nation.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Dartmouth ranks sixth among the 10 top private four-year colleges for six-year and three-year graduation rates. It explains that only “larger degree-granting U.S. colleges participating in Title IV federal financial-aid programs, with at least 500 students in the degree-seeking cohort, were included. At four-year colleges, graduation rates reflect the percentage of first-time, full-time degree-seeking students who entered in the fall of 2006 and graduated within six years.”

Read the full story, published 8/18/14 by The Chronicle of Higher Education.


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