At Dartmouth: Reviving the Art of the Letterpress (VPR)


In a story about letterpress printing, VPR features a Book Arts workshop led by Sarah Smith, Book Arts special instructor and a lecturer in the Department of Studio Art. “While more and more people are reading and working in cyberspace, some are stepping back in history,” says VPR’s Charlotte Albright. “They’re using metal or wooden type to print what they want to say, one letter at a time. Six of them—all women, mostly writers, designers, poets, and one librarian—recently got their hands a little dirty at a letterpress workshop in the basement of the Dartmouth College’s Baker Library.” Letterpress is becoming more and more popular with writers and artists who see printing as art, Albright notes. And there’s something else about it that has an enduring appeal, Smith says. “People definitely miss the tactile quality and the process of it but even if you are not into doing it people like the look of it and the feel of it,” she says. Listen to the full story, broadcast 9/25/14 by VPR.


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