Scottish Independence Vote: End of the UK? (Bloomberg TV)


“I think it’s absolutely amazing,” says Dartmouth’s David Blanchflower during a Bloomberg TV interview about new polling results that show 51 percent of Scots leaning toward independence. “This would be a monumental decision.”

Asked whether the Scottish people’s outlook on independence, which goes to a vote September 18, is based on political or economic issues, Blanchflower says it is both.

“Certainly the Scots appear to be much more to the left than certainly David Cameron’s government,” says Blanchflower, the Bruce V. Rauner 1978 Professor of Economics.

However, he says, “we’re seeing a really big collapse in people’s living standards. Real earnings have fallen by 10 percent since 2010, in contrast to the U.S., where basically they’re flat. So basically people are really hurting, and they’re hurting from policies that they didn’t vote for.”

Watch the full interview, broadcast 9/8/14 by Bloomberg TV.

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