Ebola Virus: Message to the Dartmouth Community


October 15, 2014

We continue to monitor events closely and follow public health guidelines designed to keep our community as safe as possible from the risk of Ebola virus. Now, with the second confirmed case in a health care worker in Dallas, Texas, we will be updating the community on a more frequent basis. We urge all Dartmouth faculty, students, and staff who are traveling for any reason to visit the travel waiver section of the Global Dartmouth website for instructions on applying for travel waivers for Dartmouth-supported travel to any country under a State Department, Centers for Disease Control, or World Health Organization warning or alert. We also continue to request that all members of the community who have traveled to or in the most heavily affected countries in Africa (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea) call Dartmouth Health Service so that we can monitor you for possible infection.

Jack Turco, M.D.
Co-Director, Dartmouth College Health Service