Robot Could Be Key to Quickly Diagnosing Concussions (NHPR)


As part of a new initiative, a telemedicine robot will be on the sidelines for all Dartmouth home football games this fall to help diagnose concussions, reports NHPR. During a Big Green football game earlier this season, Robert Singer, an assistant professor of surgery and of radiology at the Geisel School of Medicine, communicated with the Dartmouth athletic trainers via the telemedicine robot. He explained to NHPR the benefits of communicating via a robot. “On a phone call you can’t really see the patient, and there are some very specific things we look for when someone has a concussive injury, having to do with their cranial nerves and having to do with their balance and so forth that you can’t really get a verbal word on; it’s really more important to see it.” Listen to the full story, broadcast 10/10/14 on NHPR.


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