Thanksgiving Tweets, 1946


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November 1946 marked the first Thanksgiving after the end of World War II. Dartmouth was returning to some sense of normalcy after becoming a defacto military training ground. No wonder [[[the students chose something other than war to talk about when The Dartmouth asked them what they were thankful for.  Here are some of their responses from the Tuesday before Thanksgiving:

“I’m glad I won’t need to see The Dartmouth until next Monday.”

“I am thankful that the New York Rangers beat the Canadians 3-2.”

The Dartmouth Outing Club enjoys a Thanksgiving feast on November 1946.(Photo courtesy of Rauner Special Collections Library)

“I’m thankful that I go to a liberal arts college where I can learn how to be a liberal artist.”

“I’m thankful that after eating in Thayer Hall for two months I can go home for a decent meal.”

“I’m thankful that I have two classes this afternoon so I can spend an extra day in Hanover.”


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