Why Global Warming Could Make Sap on Cars Worse (NBC News)


An annoying impact of global warming, reports NBC, is the way it helps a sap-producing bug thrive—causing even more sap to fall from trees onto our cars. In fact, this insect is just one of many that may benefit from the changing climate, says Dartmouth’s Matt Ayres, a professor of biological studies.

“As climate change begins to exceed the historical range of conditions, we can expect to start seeing more cases,” he tells NBC, though there are also insects, such as bark beetles, for whom the warming trend is making the deep South less hospitable.

Overall, says Ayres, “as a result of climate change, biological invasions, and human land use, the distributions and abundances of plants and animals are changing more rapidly than at any time in human history.”

Read the full story, published 11/21/14 by NBC News.

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