Dartmouth Professor to Obama: Take the Lead (Valley News)


In a column for The Washington Post, Professor Russell Muirhead says that President Obama has been “reluctant to present himself as a partisan, much less as the leader of a party.

Muirhead, the Robert Clements Professor of Democracy and Politics and a associate professor of government, says, “What his party needs from him is not petty partisan machinations but a potent articulation of its ideals and goals. If he can describe the Democratic Party to itself and invigorate Democrats’ sense of their mission, he will succeed at investing his policies with the enduring support they will need after his second term is over. What we need from our presidents is not less partisanship but better partisanship.”

A registration may be required to read the full opinion piece, published 11/28/14 by the Valley News via The Washington Post.

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