Alumni Columnist, 100, Still at Work (The Wall Street Journal)


Edward Gerson ’35 was 87 years old when he began writing his column for Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, reports The Wall Street Journal. And at 100, the retired button manufacturer and plastics innovator is still chronicling the goings-on of his Dartmouth classmates, the Journal notes.


“When he started writing the alumni updates in 2001,” writes the Journal, “there were more than 150 classmates and lots of material. As he noted in his inaugural column,‘the Lord will provide the obits, but the news of your lives has to come from you.’ “He found plenty besides death to narrate: Hobbies, cruises, moves to warmer climes and assisted-living facilities. No tidbit was too humdrum. In July 2006, readers learned that one classmate ‘is going strong, but his cat is driving him crazy, walking around his head until he lets her out at 5:30 a.m.’ “Today, Mr. Gerson is 100 years old, and only three of his classmates survive, according to Dartmouth. That is creating some challenges.” A subscription is needed to read the full story, published 1/27/15 by The Wall Street Journal.

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