Math Is Beautiful, but Is It Art? (Scientific American)


In a Scientific American review of an exhibition of prints based on mathematical expression and curated by Daniel Rockmore, the William A. Neukom 1964 Distinguished Professor of Computational Science at Dartmouth, reviewer Jen Christiansen writes that she was “thrilled to see that Yale University Art Gallery was hosting an exhibit and conversation that would broach the topic of beauty head-on.”

The Art of the Equation,” she says, is a “collaboration between a ‘mathematician who likes to think about art” (Daniel Rockmore, Dartmouth College) and an ‘art dealer who likes to think about mathematics’ (Robert Feldman, Parasol Press). The result is a portfolio of ten 22×30 inch aquatints (printed by Harlan & Weaver, N.Y.) of scientists’ hand drawn responses to the prompt, “What is your most beautiful mathematical expression?”

Christiansen writes that the “exquisite production value of the aquatints and the very act of displaying them on the walls of the Yale Gallery certainly helped to stack the deck towards art.”

Read the full review, published 1/27/15 by Scientific American.

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