Missouri Pastor Teaches ‘Lessons of Ferguson’ (VPR)


Speaking on campus as part of this year’s tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., the Rev. Starsky Wilson talked about events in Ferguson, Mo., since the police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black man, reports VPR.

Wilson, co-chair of the Ferguson Commission, sees the events “as pivot points for a 21st-century civil rights movement. But first, he says, Ferguson has to heal and reform its own institutions, including law enforcement and the court system,” VPR reports.

“ ‘And so we must not move too quickly away from Ferguson as a nation because if we don’t get policy change here, if you can’t win here, than you cannot translate it to other places,’ ” he said during his visit, VPR reports.

Listen to the full story, broadcast 1/19/15 by VPR.

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