Music and Medicine in Concert


Read the full story by Susan Green, published by the Geisel School of Medicine.

First-year Geisel School of Medicine student Nara Michaelson is a quintessential Gemini. Those born under this zodiac sign are said to possess a natural duality: They revel in a life of the mind yet have an unending urge to communicate with others and to express themselves.

Nara Michaelson, a first-year Geisel School of Medicine student, is both a musician and a physician. (Photo courtesy of the Geisel School of Medicine)

As both an aspiring physician and a musician, it’s no surprise that Michaelson is comfortable with this duality—she believes rather than being at odds, music can complement, renew, and strengthen a life in medicine. “Music contributes to my emotional well-being. Playing piano also enhances my ability to pay attention to the smallest details,” she says. For her, this may mean being able to pick up and understand nuances in a patient’s emotional state, which, she notes, may lead to a better treatment outcome.

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