Netanyahu Sells French Jews Short (The New York Times)


In a New York Times opinion piece, Dartmouth’s Bernard Avishai examines the words and actions of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following the violence in Paris earlier this month.

“Sadly, what the Netanyahu era has utterly eclipsed is a rival Zionist tradition, the century of ‘cultural Zionism’ from the cultural and political critic Achad Ha’am to the poet Yehuda Amichai,” writes Avishai, a visiting professor of government. “This Zionism would have marched more comfortably in Paris, anticipating a democratic Hebrew republic that reached emancipated Jewish hearts by transforming historic Jewish civilization into something modern and beautiful, poetic and individual—not by turning anti-Semitism into an excuse for Jewish exceptionalism.”

Read the full opinion piece, published 1/15/15 by The New York Times.

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