We Are All ‘Charlie Hebdo’—or Are We? (The Conversation)


In a Conversation opinion piece, Dartmouth’s Lucas Hollister writes about the deadly attack at Charlie Hebdo and the expressions of solidarity that describe the attack as not only against the satirical newspaper, but also against French values.

“I cannot help but feel that there is something deeply worrisome about the marriage of Charlie Hebdo with the call to defend ‘our values’ against the barbarians at the gate. The attack was barbaric, as Charlie Hebdo’s website has suggested, but it was not aimed at ‘France,’ but at a journal with a particular history,” writes Hollister, an assistant professor of French.

The point, says Hollister, “is not to suggest some false equivalency between the censorship of the French government and a killing spree, but rather to suggest that we should stop to think about what we are saying when we argue that ‘our values’ have been attacked.”

Read the full opinion piece, published 1/9/15 by The Conversation.

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