E.E. Just Reached for Education; Found It at Dartmouth (VPR)


“Ernest Everett Just wanted to be a model for his race and his passion for science was overarching,” notes VPR in a story about the pioneering cell biologist, a member of the Class of 1907 and one of the College’s earliest African American graduates. “Today at Dartmouth, a professorship and a program with the mission to increase the number of minorities majoring in the sciences are named in his honor.”

The renowned scientist wrote more than 70 papers and two books, VPR reports. “Today, he’s credited with proving that cortical cytoplasm, the outer part of a cell, is more vital to the life process than previously thought.”

Listen to the full story, broadcast 2/25/15 on VPR.

The College’s E.E. Just Program aims to increase the number of minority and first-generation students majoring in the sciences.

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