The Man Who Turned Life Into Magic (NPR)


In his NPR blog Cosmos & Culture, Professor of Physics and Astronomy Marcelo Gleiser pays tribute to neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks, who wrote last week about his terminal liver cancer.

“Oliver Sacks is a rare soul-reader among us, a golden heart that beats in resonance with an enlightened intellect and a refinement of feeling that finds the humanity cloistered in the deepest recesses of a damaged life. The stories he tells are the stories of his patients, but also his own; he knows and tells us, beautifully, how each experience touches and transforms his own, how each tale he narrates becomes part of his own narrative, his own life story,” writes Gleiser, who is also the Appleton Professor of Natural Philosophy.

Read the full opinion piece, published 2/25/15 by NPR.

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