Student Builds a Tiny House (Santa Cruz Sentinel)


“It definitely taught me some lessons along the way. Something about keeping with it, getting back on the horse as fast as you can,” says Kendall Ronzano ’17 in a Santa Cruz Sentinel story about the 117-square-foot house Ronzano began building when she was 16.

In the three and a half years she spent working on the house—which she has donated to an organization in Austin, Texas, that helps homeless people—Ronzano learned a lot about her chosen field of mechanical engineering, the Sentinel notes.

“Ronzano created her own website and construction blog, dubbed her effort Nerd Girl Homes blog, and solicited public donations of cash in materials amounting to nearly $16,000 from more than 200 people. Now a 20-year-old Dartmouth College sophomore, Ronzano said she has felt better equipped to progress professionally,” writes the newspaper.

Read the full story, published 2/16/15 by the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

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