Dartmouth Alumni Share Expertise Through TED and TEDx Talks


Have at little time to spare? Get inspired by the TED and TEDx talks by Dartmouth alumni featured on the Dartmouth Alumni website, covering a variety of topics from health care to psychology to comedy.

During her talk at TEDxMileHigh, Jandel Allen-Davis ’80, MED ’84, talks about how to improve the U.S. health care system. (Photo from TEDxMileHigh licensed under CC BY 2.0.)

In her TEDxMileHigh talk, “The River of Health,” Jandel Allen-Davis ’80, MED ’84, says, “America needs a system that’s safe, that’s timely, that’s effective, that’s efficient, that’s equitable, and most importantly, that’s patient centered.”

Allen-Davis is among 17 alumni whose talks are featured on the website. Others include Regina Barreca ’79, William Kamkwamba ’14, and James Nachtwey ’70.

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