Exciting Match Day for Geisel Students


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For medical students, the annual Match Day event is one of the most anticipated and exciting days of their medical education as they discover where they will start their residency training after graduation. At this year’s Match Day, 83 fourth-year students at the Geisel School of Medicine joined nearly 17,000 U.S. allopathic seniors and more than 9,000 other applicants to match at one of the more than 27,000 first-year positions offered in the 2015 Match.

Geisel student Mai Nitta celebrates after finding out where she will do her residency. (Photo by Jon Gilbert Fox)

“We are blessed to attract outstanding students to Geisel and are very proud of their success during the residency match,” says Duane Compton, interim dean at Geisel. “I know that they will do well in their residency training and I wish them all the best of luck in their medical careers.”

Every year, fourth-year medical students submit their top choices for residency programs into a computer program operated by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). Residency programs also submit lists of applicants in their order of preference. The lists are then compared against each other utilizing the AAMC’s computer algorithm, matching students to their residency program.

“I think it’s a little more important than graduation because this is the day where we find out what our hard work has led to,” says Geisel student Katherine Jackson. “All of our schooling and grades and applications and interviews and how people think about us as a person are represented by the envelope we open.”

Geisel’s Match Day was featured in a story broadcast March 20 on WMUR.

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