‘Uncommon Knowledge’ With Dartmouth’s Lind and Wohlforth (Hoover Institution)


As guests on Uncommon Knowledge With Peter Robinson, the government department’s Jennifer Lind and William Wohlforth discuss United States foreign policy and national security strategies. 

Lind, an associate professor of government, tells Peter Robinson ’79, “We have alliances that really do threaten to entrap us in the future. The issue is our American leaders talking to those allies about what kind of behavior on their part is acceptable in our eyes and too reckless in our eyes.”

“When we look at the United States in the past, we see that this country is capable of doing strategy,” says Wohlforth, the Daniel Webster Professor of Government. “It may be hard for people to believe who watch Washington politics. We are capable of doing strategy. We are capable of looking forward, of seeing potential problems, and then working with allies and adversaries to try to structure the situation so we don’t get pulled into conflicts that we don’t want.”

Robinson, the host of Uncommon Knowledge, is a former member of the Dartmouth Board of Trustees.

Watch the full interview, broadcast 2/26/15 by The Wall Street Journal via the Hoover Institution.

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