Plains Indians Saga Is Told at the Met (The Boston Globe)


In a story about an exhibition at the Metropolitan Musuem of Art, The Boston Globe quotes Professor Colin Calloway on the importance of the horse in life among the Plains Indians.

“Comanches and Utes traded them to Shoshones. Kiowas traded them to Caddos; Wichitas and Pawnees traded them to Osages; Shoshones traded them to Crows; the Flatheads and Nez Perces in the Plateau region traded them to the Blackfeet. Blackfeet traded them to Assinibones and Crees,” writes Calloway in the catalog for the exhibition.

Calloway is the John Kimball, Jr. 1943 Professor of History and a professor of Native American studies.

Read the full story, published 3/28/15 by The Boston Globe.

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