James Nachtwey ’70: Dispatches From Nepal (‘TIME’)


“Nepal is a place I’ve long wanted to visit, not so much as a journalist, but to see the mountains and the temples,” writes photojournalist James Nachtwey ’70 in the first of a two-part TIME series of dispatches, including photographs, filed from Nepal in the wake of the first of two devastating earthquakes. “Now, many of the temples have been destroyed, and the mountains have become the backdrop to an epic tragedy.”

Nachtwey spent the 2012–13 academic year at Dartmouth as the inaugural Roth Distinguished Visiting Scholar. The College awarded him an honorary degree in 2010, and he was in residence at the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding during the spring 2012 term as the Class of 1950 Senior Foreign Affairs Fellow.

Read the full commentary and view the photographs, published 5/8/15 by TIME.

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