Meet the New Associate Deans in Arts and Sciences


Dean of the Faculty Michael Mastanduno has announced the appointments of three associate deans of the faculty for Arts and Sciences.

The new associate deans, who begin their four-year terms on July 1, are Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences Jay Hull for social sciences, Dartmouth Professor of Biological Sciences Elizabeth Smith for sciences, and A. and R. Newbury Professor of English Barbara Will for arts and humanities.

New Associate Deans in Arts and Sciences

The associate deans are, from left, Lynn Higgins, the Edward Tuck Professor of French; Jay Hull, professor of psychological and brain sciences; Elizabeth Smith, professor of biological sciences; and Barbara Will, the A. and R. Newbury Professor of English. (Photos by Eli Burakian ’00 )

Associate deans play a key role in their respective academic divisions, overseeing recruitment and retention of faculty and ensuring that faculty members have the resources they need for teaching and research.

In his May 8 announcement to faculty, Mastanduno said, “I’m delighted they have agreed to serve in these important roles, and I look forward to their input and leadership as part of the Wentworth team.”

Mastanduno also praised outgoing associate deans David Kotz ’86, Nancy Marion, and Adrian Randolph “for their years of dedicated service to the deanery. They have made significant and lasting contributions to help strengthen the Arts and Sciences, and for that I’m extremely grateful.”

Kotz, who is stepping down as associate dean for sciences, is the Champion International Professor in the Department of Computer Science. Marion, the George J. Records 1956 Professor of Economics, has served as associate dean for social sciences. Randolph, the Leon E. Williams Professor in Art and a professor of art history, has served as associate dean for arts and humanities.

Lynn Higgins, the Edward Tuck Professor of French and a professor of comparative literature and film studies, will continue her term as the Frank J. Guarini Associate Dean of the Faculty for International Studies and Interdisciplinary Programs.

“I am dazzled every day by the energy and the achievements of my Dartmouth colleagues,” says Higgins. “I’ve been thrilled to have the opportunity to shepherd our study abroad opportunities and our interdisciplinary programs. The job of associate dean is fascinating and challenging, truly a collective endeavor. It has been exhilarating to work with Dean of the Faculty Michael Mastanduno. He’s a very effective team builder; his deep knowledge about and respect for the faculty guide everything we do.”

The New Associate Deans

Jay Hull, Social Sciences

Professor and chair, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

“I look at my role as representing the interests and aspirations of the departments and faculty in the social sciences, while upholding the values and standards of excellence for which Dartmouth is known. This means helping departments shape their visions for the future, while making sure that they have the resources and institutional support to achieve their goals. This requires making every effort to recruit and retain the best faculty, and doing whatever I can to help them achieve their true potential in their teaching and scholarship. Finally, this means helping the administration craft policy that, while benefiting the faculty, division, and Arts and Sciences, more importantly helps Dartmouth maintain its rightful place among the world’s preeminent educational institutions.”

Elizabeth Smith, Sciences

Dartmouth Professor of Biological Sciences

“Despite the well-publicized slowdown in federal funding for research, it’s still an exciting time to be a scientist—and a scientist at Dartmouth. I look forward to both the opportunities and the challenges of working with the faculty and administration to find creative ways to ensure that we attract and retain the best faculty in the science division as well as to provide our students with inspired and inspiring educational experience in STEM fields.”

Barbara Will, Arts and Humanities

A. and R. Newbury Professor of English

“Dartmouth is at an exciting moment in its history, with a strong president eager to promote and foster the enormous strengths of our faculty. I look forward to participating in new initiatives, and hope to make the arts and humanities central to those discussions. I also look forward to helping support the day-to-day research and teaching of arts and humanities faculty, from hiring and promotion decisions to departmental growth and advancement. Finally, I am thrilled by the prospect of getting to know faculty from other departments in and outside of my division, and of working under the guidance of Dean Mike Mastanduno.”

Hannah Silverstein, MALS '09