Taken for Granite (‘The Wall Street Journal’)


Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto writes about the results of the eighth annual New Hampshire State of the State Poll, conducted by undergraduates at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences. According to the poll, Republicans Scott Walker and Jeb Bush both lead Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

Taranto says there is a “case for taking the Rockefeller poll more seriously than most. The Granite State’s first-primary distinction makes voters there better informed than most; candidates, announced and unannounced, have already been making campaign visits. New Hampshire is a Democratic-leaning swing state (George W. Bush carried it in 2000 but not 2004; Bill Clinton and Barack Obama twice each) and thus a potential bellwether for Democratic weakness.”

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The annual poll is run by the Rockefeller Center’s Class of 1964 Policy Research Shop. The telephone polling data is gathered by Dartmouth students in Professor of Government Deborah Brooks’ “Polling, Public Opinion, and Public Policy” class as well as by Policy Research Shop students.

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