Cameras Shed New Light on Killing of Homeless Man (NPR)

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After spending months researching a story on the March 2015 police shooting of a homeless black man, Charly Keunang, in Los Angeles—a story just published in GQ magazine—Dartmouth’s Jeff Sharlet talks with NPR’s All Things Considered about what he learned from seeing additional video and listening to interviews with some of the officers involved in the shooting.

 In the additional video, Sharlet, an associate professor of English, tells NPR, “We learned that the account of this as a—sort of a wild man who is out of control that was offered up to the public is not correct. We watch the body cams. We see a man whose feet almost never move, whose hands are open and who was saying again and again, let me express myself. Just let me express myself.”

Listen to the full story, broadcast 7/8/15 by NPR.

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