Dartmouth Elects to Become a Model for Civic Engagement (The Huffington Post)



“How do we instill in our citizenry a sense of duty and common purpose, the belief that we are indeed one nation with a common future, that in the end we must matter to each other, that we share a common fate, that the experiment called America is ongoing, that from the many, we must strive to be one?” asks Marshall Brown ’81 in a Huffington Post opinion piece about Dartmouth’s new partnership with the Franklin Project.

“Like most Americans, I am deeply concerned about our collective future,” Brown continues. “But then something comes along which gives one real hope. I am speaking of The Franklin Project and the announcement today that Dartmouth College has chosen to adopt it for their undergraduate population as a means of creating a national model for public service.”

The Franklin Project, explains Brown, offers the opportunity for students to take a gap year in order to engage in civic service.

Read the full opinion piece, published 7/23/15 by the Huffington Post.

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