Live in Wheelock? Get a Free Ride to Dartmouth (VPR)



“A young man from the Northeast Kingdom village of Wheelock is making history at Dartmouth College. He’s only the ninth Wheelock resident since 1830 to benefit from a remarkable fact,” reports VPR in a story about the town’s long-standing relationship with Dartmouth.

The fact: Dartmouth once owned the small Vermont town. And since 1830, qualified applicants from the town have been offered a free education at the College.

In honor of the relationship between his town and his college, the ninth of these scholars, Noah Manning ’17, invited President Phil Hanlon ’77 to Wheelock. “Surprising some, Hanlon and his wife, Gail Gentes, made the trip, touring the Institute and stopping by Wheelock Town Hall,” VPR reports.

VPR notes that Manning told President Hanlon, “As someone who wants to go into medicine, two of our scholars before me became physicians, and that’s an amazing thing to know—that like these men I started on this path in the same place.”

Read the full story, published 7/14/15 by VPR.

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