An Admissions Revolution (Inside Higher Ed)



Dartmouth is one of 80 leading colleges and universities—including every Ivy League university—that are announcing a plan to reverse a long-held process by which colleges have made their applications increasingly similar, reports Inside Higher Ed.

“Further, the colleges and universities are creating new online portfolios for high school students, designed to have ninth-graders begin thinking more deeply about what they are learning or accomplishing in high school, to create new ways for college admissions officers, community organizations, and others to coach them, and to emerge in their senior years with a body of work that could be used to help identify appropriate colleges and apply to them. Organizers of the new effort hope it will minimize some of the disadvantages faced by high school students without access to well-staffed guidance offices or private counselors,” Inside Higher Ed writes.

The 80 members of the group, called Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, “aim to create a new way for students to apply {and} they also hope that the portfolio system they create prods changes in high school education that could have an impact beyond those who apply to these institutions,” reports the online publication.

Read the full story, published 9/27/15 by Inside Higher Ed.

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