Dartmouth: Helping Prevent Sexual Assault (Huffington Post)


“Should more universities follow Dartmouth’s lead?” asks The Huffington Post in a story about the results of an Association of American Universities survey of 27 American colleges and universities, and how the College is getting its students to help prevent sexual assault on campus.

“A national survey on campus sexual assault found that most college students who witnessed risky or dangerous situations did nothing to intervene, but there was one university that stood out,” writes Huffington Post writer Tyler Kingkade.

“Dartmouth College had the highest rate of bystanders who took some type of action when they saw someone acting in a ‘sexually violent or harassing manner,’ with 57.7 percent doing so. Nationally, 45.5 percent of students did something when witnessing this same sort of situation,” he writes.

The College, he continues, “has rolled out several initiatives to address the issue in recent years, including Green Dot bystander intervention training. Bystander intervention is essentially teaching students how to spot risky or dangerous situations among friends and then respond to stop it.”

Read the full story, published 9/24/15 by The Huffington Post.

See the full Dartmouth AAU survey results.

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