Extinct Tree-Climbing Human Walked With a Swagger (CBS News)



The recently discovered fossil human ancestor Homo naledi had hands and feet that resemble those of modern humans—the feet in particular—and researchers interpret these as anatomical adaptations for a life both on the ground and in the trees. Two papers analyzing the feet and hands, respectively, were published online in Nature Communications on Oct. 6, according to a LiveScience story published by CBS News.

Associate Professor of Anthropology Jeremy DeSilva, who worked on the team that studied the creature’s feet, said in a statement accompanying the papers, “This configuration moved the hip muscles away from the hip joints and gave them more leverage in walking—perhaps more of an advantage than humans have today. Over time, the architecture of the pelvis evolved and expanded to allow the birth of larger-brained babies,“ CBS News reports.

Read the full story, published 10/08/15 by CBS News.

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