What Provoked Palestinian Knife Attacks in Israel? (‘The New Yorker’)


The New Yorker
Writing in The New Yorker, Bernard Avishai, a visiting professor in the Department of Government, explores the roots of the stabbing of Israelis by Palestinians.

“These horrible attacks have left Israelis questioning whether the violence is a new Palestinian uprising, incited by a weakened, opportunistic Palestinian Authority—if not directly led by underground Hamas cells—or, rather, a passing expression of rage by Palestinian youth,” Avishai writes.

“It is impossible, especially for those of us who have lost loved ones to terror, to see the knifings and hear talk of martyrs and not respond with instinctive revulsion. But there are proximate causes, and then there are material ones. Today’s attacks may appear ‘random’ and ‘unpredictable,’ but an increase in their incidence and intensity is entirely predictable,” writes Avishai.

Read the full article, published 10/23/15 by The New Yorker.

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