Shonda Rhimes ’91: ‘Year of Yes’ (‘The Wall Street Journal’)


Wall Street Journal
For an entire year, TV writer and actor Shonda Rhimes ’91 said yes to everything that made her nervous, which included giving the 2014 Commencement address at her alma mater, reports The Wall Street Journal.

“All the things that we’re afraid to do are the things that we should absolutely be doing,” the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal tells the Journal.

“That once included interviews like this one. But today, Ms. Rhimes, 45, is confident and relaxed on a couch in a Los Angeles studio. And on Nov. 10, she will come out with a new book called Year of Yes about her experiences conquering her fears,” the Journal writes.

Read the full story, published 10/30/15 by The Wall Street Journal.

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