Statement Regarding Recent Student Protest in Baker-Berry Library


Nov. 16, 2015

In response to the vandalization of a Black Lives Matter art installation in Collis Center, Dartmouth students organized a large, peaceful meeting on the night of November 12 in support of the national Black Lives Matter movement. Following the demonstration, a smaller group moved to the Baker-Berry library, where they launched a political protest.

The College is following up on any complaints related to the protest and will continue to do so. As of today, no complaints of physical violence have been made and we have not seen any video that shows physical violence. We continue to review each report that comes forward for violation of policy. If a violation of College policy is identified, we will follow our policy and hold those individuals and/or groups accountable.

Dartmouth is committed to the principles of free speech, public protest, and inclusivity and understands that these ideals may sometimes conflict with one another; however, the safety, well-being, and support of all Dartmouth students remain our highest priorities.