U.S. Fracking Boom Added 725,000 Jobs (Reuters)


A Dartmouth study shows that a gas and oil boom in the U.S. caused by hydraulic fracturing technology, or fracking, added some 725,000 jobs between 2005 and 2012, reports Reuters.

“Supporters and opponents of fracking have been debating over the degree to which fracking is benefiting the economy versus affecting the health and environment of our communities,” wrote the Dartmouth researchers in a press release about their research, Reuters reports.

Read the full story, published 11/6/15 by Reuters.

News of the study was covered by a number of other media outlets as well, including Trib Live, which quotes one of the study’s authors, Dartmouth’s Bruce Sacerdote, as saying, “It’s surprising just how much of the revenue, how large the benefits are in the county and (within) 100 miles of the county.” Sacerdote is the Richard S. Braddock 1963 Professor in Economics.

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