Are the Media Killing the N.H. Primary? (‘The Conversation’)



The current election cycle has seen more and earlier media-sponsored polls than ever before—and that may be sending the century-old New Hampshire primary “over the hill,” Linda Fowler, a research professor and a professor emeritus of government, writes in a Conversation opinion piece.

These polls have overshadowed every aspect of the 2016 campaign, and consequently, the face-to-face contact in town meetings and small groups for which the state is renowned have had far less effect on the candidates’ standing in the state than in the past,” Fowler writes.

“The New Hampshire primary is now one of the few places remaining in the United States to see democracy, with a small “d,” in action,” Fowler says. However, she asks, is this style of

retail politics becoming obsolete?

Read the full opinion piece, published 2/3/16 by The Conversation.

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