EdTech and ‘All the Birds in the Sky’ (Inside Higher Ed)



Not until he read Charlie Jane Anders’ All the Birds in the Sky did he understand “the internal tension in our edtech profession,” writes Dartmouth’s Joshua Kim in a post for Inside Higher Ed’s Technology and Learning blog.

All the Birds in the Sky is a novel about the conflict between technology and nature. Childhood friends Patricia and Laurence meet as middle school outcasts, and then again a decade later as young adults in San Francisco,” writes Kim, the director of digital learning initiatives at the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning.

“Both Patricia and Laurence believe that the world needs saving, and that they can individually use their talents to do important and big things. But their divergent magical/technological methods places these two on a collision course. A path that puts the future of their relationship, as well as the world as we know it, on iffy ground.

“Our edtech profession embodies many of the same conflicts that play out between Patricia and Laurence,” Kim writes. 

Read the full opinion piece, published 2/21/16 by Inside Higher Ed.

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