Trump and His Opponents’ Supporters (’The Washington Post’)



“If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, he will fundamentally change the character of the party,” write Assistant Professor of Government Sean Westwood and Associate Professor of Government Joseph Bafumi in a Washington Post opinion piece.

And recent polls indicate this could happen, they write. However, it will not be the traditional Republicans who bring this about.

“In some very interesting analysis, the Upshot’s Nate Cohn writes that Trump is strongest among Republicans who are less affluent, less educated, and less likely to turn out to vote. His very best voters are self-identified Republicans who nonetheless are registered as Democrats,” they write.

Will this new group of Republicans, Westwood and Bafumi ask, support Trump’s candidacy should he win the nomination?

Read the full opinion piece, published 2/1/16 by The Washington Post.

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