The New War on Poverty (Common Dreams)


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“The 2016 presidential race is revving up, the Supreme Court and National Labor Relations Board are weighing union and workers’ rights cases, and questions of tax reform, living wages, and the right to unionize are hotter than they’ve been in generations,” writes Professor of History Annelise Orleck in an opinion piece published by the website Common Dreams.

“It may feel to some as though all the current talk of economic inequality came over us rather suddenly,” she continues. “But, of course, the current focus on inequality did not come out of nowhere. And its popularity today—among the young (who suffer from wildly disproportionate unemployment rates) and the poor (whose share of American annual income continues to fall)—should not surprise anyone who has been paying attention.”

Read the full opinion piece, published 3/11/16 by Common Dreams.

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