Views From the Green, November 30, 2016

A gallery of images from Dartmouth - November 30, 2016

FO&M workers set up lighting for the Christmas tree on the Green
Workers from FO&M complete the set-up for the tree lighting on the Green Friday night. (Photo by Corinne Arndt Girouard)
Students studying in Berry Library
Students study for finals in Baker-Berry Library. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Students hugging good bye before Thanksgiving break
As the fall term came to an end, many students headed out of town. (Photo by Robert Gill)
Students studying fossils
Over the winter break, students in a course taught by anthropology professors Jeremy DeSilva and Nathaniel Dominy are in South Africa to get a firsthand look at some of the archaeological sites they studied in the classroom. Here, Lee Berger, an eminent anthropologist who works in South Africa, displays fossils for the class. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Students, house professor, and staff gather in a social space
Craig Sutton (walking, left), the house professor for School House, and Paul Sunde, director of admissions, meet with students at one of the house community social spaces. (Photo by Corinne Arndt Girouard)
Students working on a film project
Students (from left) Senyo Ahedor ’15, Hassan Kiani ’16, Faith Rotich ’18, Junaid Yakubu ’16, and Annelise Sauter Ortiz ’16 participate in Junaid’s independent film project titled Lighter, which he is pursuing in order to improve his filmmaking skills before graduation. It’s currently in the editing process and may be screened on campus next term. (Photo by Corinne Arndt Girouard)
Student writing mathematical formulas on glass wall
During the final week of fall term, Juliana Overbey ’19 resorts to writing on the walls. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Sing Dynasty
The Dartmouth a cappella group the Sing Dynasty is in Hawaii to perform during events commemorating the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The group is pictured here on the USS Arizona Memorial after one of the performances. The students who took part in the trip are Parker Banks ’20, Alice Bennett ’20, Jessica Campanile ’20, Allison Chou ’17, Summer Cody ’20, Eliana Kaplan ’19, Waweru Kirumba ’19, Taylor Lane ’20, Gregory Medeiros ’18, Owen O’Leary ’19, William Paja ’16, Danielle Piacentile ’17, Raphael Preston ’20, Dorothy Qu ’19, Haley Reicher ’17, Matthew Sawicki ’20, Julie