Dartmouth Tuberculosis Vaccine Passes an Important Milestone

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“We are very pleased with the results of these two studies,” says Geisel’s C. Fordham von Reyn '67.

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Investigators at the Geisel School of Medicine have announced that two new studies of DAR-901, their investigational vaccine against tuberculosis, have moved it to the forefront of new vaccines in development for global control of this deadly infectious disease.

“We are very pleased with the results of these two studies,” says C. Fordham von Reyn ’67, a professor of medicine at Geisel and the principal investigator for the DAR-901 booster vaccine. “They represent major milestones on the path to approval of DAR‑901 and the global fight against tuberculosis.”

Von Reyn is among nine people who will be awarded honorary degrees at Dartmouth’s commencement ceremony on June 11.

Tuberculosis is the leading infectious-disease cause of death in the world, and there is a global effort to eradicate it by 2035. According to the World Health Organization, a new vaccine will be required to meet the ambitious eradication goal.

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