C. Fordham von Reyn (Doctor of Science)

C. Fordham von Reyn receives an honorary degree
C. Fordham von Reyn is awarded an honorary degree at Dartmouth’s commencement ceremony. (Photo by Robert Gill)

C. FORDHAM VON REYN, your groundbreaking work in the fight against tuberculosis and HIV makes you a global health hero in our eyes.

After graduating from Dartmouth as a member of the Great Class of 1967, you earned your M.D. from Harvard Medical School, driven to improve the care and quality of life for patients throughout the world. In the 1980s, you fought on the frontlines against the HIV epidemic in Africa as part of the World Health Organization’s Special Program on AIDS, authoring its initial policy on childhood immunization against TB in the face of AIDS.

You continued your work at Dartmouth as the first Chief of Infectious Disease at the Geisel School of Medicine. At the same time, as a distinguished and caring professor, you paid forward the mentorship you received as a student.

After years of focused research and international collaboration through the Dar-Dar International Programs you lead in Tanzania, you developed the first new tuberculosis vaccine in more than 85 years to be proven effective against the disease and the only one to be effective against TB in those with HIV. While still in clinical trials, the promising new DAR-901 vaccine stands as a hallmark of your technical brilliance and ability to lead practitioners toward a common goal.

For your outstanding contributions to public health, both locally and globally, and for your leadership and mentorship as a clinician, researcher and educator, Dartmouth is proud to present you the honorary degree of Doctor of Science.

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