Geisel’s Catherine Gordon ’20: A Strong Sense of Place

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“I can’t imagine going through medical school without the support of your peers,” says Gordon.

Catherine Gordon holding her dog while standing at the top of a mountain
Catherine Gordon, Geisel ’20, with her dog, Moby, at the summit of Camel’s Hump in Vermont. (Photo courtesy of the Geisel School of Medicine)

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“I did feel tempted to go farther away, but I love this area and the people who live here,” says first-year medical student Catherine Gordon. “Why would I leave for the sake of leaving?

“One thing that was important to me when choosing a medical school was a place that highly valued balance—work/life balance and self-care. The students and faculty I met at Geisel have a really good perspective on that.”

Gordon grew up in Norwich, Vt., and like most people in the Upper Valley, she lives a balanced life: volunteering at local community service organizations, indulging in creative pursuits, and spending a good deal of time outdoors. “I love winter and skiing, so this is a great place to be. And growing up in this community—a place where people truly care about each other—was wonderful. I felt that I was very well looked after,” she says. “It is a community that also emphasizes service, and that had a big influence me as I thought about college and what I wanted to do.”

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