Statement on Withdrawal of Title IX Guidance Documents


On September 7, Betsy DeVos, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, announced that the Department will revise its Title IX regulations regarding campus sexual misconduct policies, practices, and procedures. Today, the Department’s Office for Civil Rights withdrew 2011 and 2014 guidance documents regarding the application of Title IX to student-on-student sexual violence and misconduct. The Office for Civil Rights reaffirmed the Department’s intention to engage in rulemaking “to develop an approach to student sexual misconduct that responds to the concerns of stakeholders and that aligns with the purpose of Title IX to achieve fair access to educational benefits.”

Dartmouth remains steadfast in our commitment to do all we can to foster a safe and equitable learning and working environment; to prevent sexual misconduct; and to protect the rights of all campus community members by adjudicating claims of sexual misconduct reasonably and evenhandedly.