Phi Beta Kappa Inducts 22 From the Class of 2018

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The honor society recognizes the top grade earners in the next graduating class.

professors and the Phi Beta Kappa students standing together on a staircase
Student inductees join Dartmouth Phi Beta Kappa chapter officers. (Photo courtesy of Kate Soule)

Twenty-two seniors—the top grade earners in the Class of 2018—were inducted into Dartmouth’s Alpha of New Hampshire chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at a ceremony held on Monday, Oct. 9, at the home of President Phil Hanlon ’77.

The criteria for election to Dartmouth’s chapter are rigorous: Students must hold one of the top 20 cumulative grade point averages in their class after completing eight terms within three years of matriculation.

“The students inducted today represent the highest achievers from the Class of 2018,” says Kate Soule, secretary-treasurer of Dartmouth’s Alpha of New Hampshire chapter and director of Dartmouth’s Arts and Sciences Finance and Research Administration. “Their consistent strong performance over the breadth of Dartmouth’s curriculum epitomizes Phi Beta Kappa’s ideal of excellence in the liberal arts and sciences.”

Founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary to advocate for and recognize excellence in the study of the liberal arts and sciences, Phi Beta Kappa has 286 chapters on college and university campuses and over half a million living members. Dartmouth’s chapter, the fourth oldest in the nation, was established in 1787.

The following students were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha of New Hampshire:

  • Julie Becher ’18
  • Charlotte Blatt ’18
  • Dylan Cahill ’18
  • Katherine Clayton ’18
  • Lillian Eisner ’18
  • Caterina Florissi ’18
  • Alyssa Heinze ’18
  • Arielle Isaacson ’18
  • Robin Jayaswal  ’18
  • Kennedy Jensen  ’18
  • Kooshul Jhaveri ’18
  • Kevin Kang ’18
  • Christopher Kymn ’18
  • Jared Duker Lichtman ’18
  • Christina Long ’18
  • Hung Nguyen ’18
  • Nicholas Norwitz ’18
  • Jonathan Rost ’18
  • Emily Smid ’18
  • Leigh Steinberg ’18
  • Kent Ueno ’18
  • Jean Zhou ’18

The chapter also awarded the Phi Beta Kappa Sophomore Prize to nine members of the Class of 2019, an honor that recognizes students with the highest grade point average after completion of five terms.

  • Liu Chen ’19
  • Christine Dong ’19
  • Andrew Liu ’19
  • Anant Mishra ’19
  • Siyuan Qin ’19
  • Sonia Rowley ’19
  • Samantha Stern  ’19
  • Alexander Sullivan ’19
  • Ruoni Wang ’19

In the photograph above the story are:
First row, in front, from left: Kate Soule (Chapter Secretary), Charlotte Blatt ’18, Alyssa Heinze ’18, Katherine Clayton ’18, Arielle Isaacson ’18, Kennedy Jensen ’18, Professor Susannah Heschel (Chapter Vice President)

Second row, from left: Jean Zhou ’18, Emily Smid ’18, Kooshul Jhaveri ’18, Professor Dennis Washburn (Chapter President), Professor Keith Walker (Chapter Marshall)

Third row, from left: Caterina Florissi ’18, Robin Jayaswal ’18, Julie Becher ’18

Fourth row, from left: Christina Long ’18, Christopher Kymn ’18, Leigh Steinberg ’18

Fifth row, from left: Dylan Cahill ’18, Nicholas Norwitz ’18, Jonathan Rost ’18

Sixth row, from left: Jared Duker Lichtman ’18, Kevin Kang ’18, Hung Nguyen ’18

(Absent from the photo are Lillian Eisner ’18 and Kent Ueno ’18.)

Joseph Blumberg