Views From the Green, May 9, 2018


A gallery of images from around campus

Torah dedication
In April the Roth Center for Jewish Life celebrated its 20th anniversary with a weekend of events, including the dedication of a restored 157-year-old Torah, held here by Rabbi Edward Boraz. (Photo by Faith Rotich ’18)
Pulling a canoe up a hill
The annual Trip to the Sea, which sends seniors traveling down the Connecticut River all the way from Hanover to Long Island Sound, isn’t all peaceful paddling. Here, students push and pull a canoe up a hill during a portage. (Photo by Kevin Yang ’20)
The sun shines through a tree
The sun shines through an elm tree on a beautiful spring day. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Celebrating PRIDE week
Members of the Dartmouth community gather in front of Collis to celebrate PRIDE week. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Dartmouth Hall
Dartmouth Hall lights up the night during PRIDE week. (Photo by Kevin Yang ’20)
A student chops a block of wood
The annual Woodsmen’s Weekend is held at Dartmouth every three years, including this year. The two-day competition pits students from colleges around the Northeast against each other in competitions such as log splitting. (Photo by Kevin Yang ’20)
Students compete to light a fire
Here, two Dartmouth students race to start a fire. (Photo by Kevin Yang ’20)
A softball player hits the ball
In late April, Dartmouth softball swept a three-game series against Yale. (Photo by Faith Rotich ’18)
A class meets outside
A spring term class takes advantage of the weather to meet outside on the lawn by Dartmouth Hall. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
A cellist performs
The Black Family Visual Arts Center was home recently to an unusual performance installation featuring a collaboration between Spencer Topel, an assistant professor of music, and cellist Seth Parker Woods, shown above playing a cello-shaped ice sculpture designed by Topel. (Photo by Faith Rotich ’18)
Amos Cariati runs in a 400 meter track event
At the 2018 New England Outdoor Championship, held in May at Memorial Field, Amos Cariati ’18 sprints around the track in a preliminary round of the men’s 400 meter race. Cariati qualified for the finals, where he finished third. The men’s team took fifth overall at the championships. The women’s team took second. (Photo by Robert Gill)