Dartmouth Library Honors Graduating Student Employees

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In this year’s program, the library honors 49 students from the Class of 2018.

Books on a table
Each year, the library asks every graduating student employee to pick a book or video that will bear a bookplate with the student’s name. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)

Every year, the Student Library Service Bookplate Program honors graduating student employees by inviting them to choose books or other media for the Dartmouth Library’s collections. Each item will include a bookplate acknowledging the student’s selection and recognizing his or her service to the library. 

For 2018, the Dartmouth Library honors 49 students with selections, including works of fiction, poetry, photography, musical CDs, political work, and classic children’s literature. Just a few of them: Life of the Land: Articulations of a Native Writer, by David Wroblewski; Mashpee Nine: A Story of Cultural Justice, by Paula Peters; Decolonizing the Mind, by Ngugi wa Thiongo; and Harold and Maude, by Colin Higgins.

An exhibit of student honorees and their selections, created by Dennis Grady, a Dartmouth Library web support and graphic arts specialist, will appear in Baker Library’s main hall in early June. Baker-Berry Library display panels will also present each honoree’s selection.

“The work our student assistants undertake at the Dartmouth Library is integral to its success,” the library’s website states. “Without their dedication to service, many departments in the library would literally grind to a halt. Our student assistants bring an energy and perspective that enriches all aspects of the library’s work, and we are grateful for the hours our students share with us out of their busy lives.”

Richard Langdell, a library services specialist at Feldberg Library, says it has been “very affirming for me to witness the enthusiasm with which students participate in this fun commemoration. In helping organize the program this year, I have also encountered broad enthusiasm on the part of library staff for the opportunity to recognize and honor the students.” 

In addition to Langdell, the following library staff have been involved in key aspects of the program: Phyllis Nemhauser, Goodie Corriveau, Dennis Grady, Tim Wolfe, and Bryan Stone.

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