Dartmouth Student Veteran’s Journey to the State Department

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Carlos Tigreros, MALS ’18, says military service and his Dartmouth education gave him confidence.

Carlos Tigreros, MALS '18
Carlos Tigreros, MALS ’18, writes about his internship at the U.S. State Department. (Photo courtesy of the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies)

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Imagine collaborating with government leaders in a developing country, supporting foreign military forces in fighting criminal organizations, confronting the challenges of corruption and poverty, while also adapting to a new culture, language, and country. I had all these responsibilities and more working in the Economic and Political Affairs Division of the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala in the Spring of 2018.

These responsibilities may seem daunting; however, with the discipline and perseverance I acquired through U.S. military service and my education at Dartmouth College’s Master of Liberal Studies program, I felt confident in my ability to make a positive impact on the diplomatic mission in the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala.

My journey towards the U.S. State Department began in the South China Sea. In 2014 tensions surrounding territorial and maritime disputes rose to new heights and in a series of U.S. Naval deployments, my ship supported strategic security patrols with partnering nations in the region. This frontline perspective on the national security dynamics of the issue piqued my interest in understanding the historical and diplomatic undercurrents that created the need for the military strategy. It was this curiosity that fueled my motivation to transition from the U.S. Navy to Dartmouth to research diplomacy and international relations strategy.

Carlos Tigreros