Statement Regarding Trump Administration Rescission of Affirmative Action Guidelines


July 3, 2018

The benefits of diversity in education are irrefutable. In addition to the equalization of opportunity and the cultivation of global dexterity, there is rich and compelling evidence that the introduction of differing perspectives, cultures, and ideas leads to better innovation and problem-solving, which are central to our mission of advancing the frontiers of knowledge. The insights offered through an inclusive environment are essential to a Dartmouth education. The recent launch of our comprehensive Inclusive Excellence initiative aims to further advance diversity and inclusion for exactly these reasons. Affirmative action is a proven method of promoting diversity on our campus and is supported by decades of American case law. Over the past 40 years, the Supreme Court has repeatedly defended the right of colleges and universities to invoke diversity as a compelling educational interest supporting the consideration of race as one of many factors during a holistic admissions process. For all these reasons, Dartmouth remains firmly committed to exercising that right to affirmative action in hiring and admissions.